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Peering Resources



The section of the Toolbox dedicated to listing useful Peering Resources.

Some are described elsewhere in the Toolbox, others have a short description included here for completeness. As ever, please consult the respective websites for more information.

The Peering Database

The Peering Database is described elsewhere in the Toolbox

The IXP Database

The IXP Database is an authoritative, comprehensive, public source of data related to IXPs. It collects data directly from IXPs through a recurring automated process. It also integrates data from third-party sources in order to provide a comprehensive and corroborated view of the global interconnection landscape.

IXP Manager


IXP Manager is a management platform for Internet eXchange Points (IXPs) including an administration and customer portal. It provides end to end provisioning as well as both teaching and implementing best practice.

Peering Manager

Peering Manager is an open-source BGP session management solution designed with features and simplicity in mind, allowing engineers to track, maintain and configure BGP sessions from a centralised management point without the usual tedious manual provisioning task.

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