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Euro-IX Peering Toolbox

The Peering Toolbox is designed to be a quick access reference guide for network operators who want to understand the steps they need to go through to find and set up peering for their network with other infrastructure operators. 

Euro-IX is the European Internet Exchange Association, with members and participants from all around the world. You can learn more about Euro-IX by visiting their website.



If you are new to routing, and BGP, and are interested to learn more what peering is and what it means, this is the section of the Toolbox for you.

Intermediate (coming soon)


If you know what needs to be done to set up peering with another entity, but would like a ready reference for verification of the steps you need to take, this is the section for you.

  • Peering Technologies

  • Peering Scenarios

  • Peering Operational Good Practices

  • Basic Troubleshooting of Peering

Advanced (coming soon)


For peering experts, a repository of tips, tricks, advice, troubleshooting, good practice, etc.

  • Advanced Peering Scenarios

  • Advanced Troubleshooting of Peering

  • Peering Best Practices



Here we collect community experiences, stories, advice, and other interesting/useful snippets to help the peering ecosystem.

Subject Index


Trying to find a topic quickly? The Subject Index is the quick access to the topics covered in the Toolbox.



A collection of public resources about BGP, Peering, and general Internet operational best practices.


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